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Kyle Singler: the ‘Bucket Man’ Goes Downtown

November 25th, 2012 at 9:48 AM
By Phil Fattore


'Kyle Singler' photo (c) 2009, Bryan Horowitz - license:
Brandon Knight's late game lay-up against Toronto was great, but if the Pistons ever need a buzzer beater they may want to draw a play up for Kyle Singler
Known not only as a National Champion and Final Four "Most Outstanding Player" on Duke's campus, Singler was also known for his trick-shot 'youtube' videos. See below.
The nickname 'Bucket Man' has made its way into the Pistons lockeroom, and as the team's best shooter the Pistons decided to bring back Singler's trick shot video magic to the Detroit landscape. 
Hopefully the Pistons won't need a circus shot to beat the Knicks today, but if they do it's nice to know that Lawrence Frank has got the 'Bucket Man' at his disposal. 
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