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ESPN Daily Dime: Drummond and Singler Featured in “Rookie Round-Up”

December 4th, 2012 at 10:34 AM
By Phil Fattore


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Local media attention is nice. It helps the fans understand the intricacies of their team on a nightly basis with analysis by familiar voices that may or may not be "homers." Problem is, the local media gets taken for granted because it's always there. Not like national media attention, which comes calling on your team only when it needs something. But no matter what criticisms fans throw towards the national media– ESPN's bullseye seems to get bigger every time LeBron James takes the court –when "big time" press is talking about your team, you listen. 
Monday night in the NBA was a stage for some of this year's more influential rookies, and as writer Kevin Arnovitz had his eye on the games he just couldn't help but sing the praises of Pistons rookies Andre Drummond and Kyle Singler. Here's the Pistons excerpt of Arnovitz's "Daily Dime" article on
On Andre Drummond
"Andre Drummond might be more fun to watch after the ball goes up than before. For a guy who got slapped with the low-motor rap, he looked awfully hungry after Greg Monroe's botched jam in the third quarter, battling Tristan Thompson for the loose ball overhead. On the other end, Drummond altered shots all night, rumbling in from the weak side at the faintest smell of leather. With Monroe's talent perfectly suited for the high post, Drummond has the potential to hold down the low block for the Pistons for years to come. That's a formidable frontcourt base."
On Kyle Singler
"If Kyle Singler becomes a rotation player in the NBA, it won't be because the Pistons deliberately made him a focal point of the offense. Singler is a scavenger who prowls the court for opportunities. He'll run to the right spot on the break, as he did in the first quarter when he ran down the gut of the lane, caught Brandon Knight's pass on the move, then stopped and popped for a foul-line jumper. A minute later, he sneaked behind the Cavs' defense with a back-door baseline cut, which earned him two more. On the next trip down, he found a vacant spot along the arc, where the ball found him again for a 3-pointer."
Hard to argue with Arnovitz on both players, he's describing what Pistons fans watch nearly every single night from the two rookies. The only unsettling thing about the comments is that they're the product of only one game watched. What would ESPN have said if Drummond and Singler had a rookie slump, off-night?  Let's hope that the next time decides to "drop-in" on a Pistons game Drummond and Singler outperform their Monday night stats. If they don't the Pistons might fall even further in's "in-depth" Power Rankings.
Still,  it is nice to get some love from the worldwide leader in sports.
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