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A Four Game Win Streak, an Ugly Loss to the Charlotte Bobcats. Who are the Detroit Pistons?

January 8th, 2013 at 11:48 AM
By Phil Fattore


As readers may have noticed, Pistons 101 has been away from the "article game" since December 19th. While holiday vacations are nice, this leave of absence wasn't planned but rather forced on our coverage by a technical difficulty. The good news is that while Pistons 101 was away, the Detroit Pistons decided to "show up" in a big way. Before Sunday night, the Pistons had won six of their last seven and were touting a season-best, four game winning streak. Unfortunately, the streak was snapped by the visiting Charlotte Bobcats on Sunday night as the Pistons fell in overtime 108-101.
Over their four game win streak, the Pistons had been dominating the glass, owning the paint offensively, and were getting to the charity stripe with the frequency of any strong NBA club. But against Charlotte on Sunday night, the Pistons could not gain an advantage in any of the key areas that helped them build their six of seven game win streak. 
The Bobcats out rebounded the Pistons 45-44, used the foul line to a 25-13 point advantage, pounded the paint for a 56-48 scoring advantage, and were allowed 26 points off of 22 Pistons turnovers. If the win streak had fans thinking that the Pistons were near the end of the rebuilding trail, the loss to the struggling Bobcats let fans know that the Pistons were still a ways, away. 
The loss should serve as a reminder that no matter how "hot" this Pistons team gets or how well they match-up against a given opponent, no game can be penciled in as a win. The Pistons are still prone to playing incomplete games. In the games the Pistons have lost, and even in a few of their wins, there always seems to be a single quarter that can be pointed to as the reason the Pistons fell short. 
On Sunday night, the Pistons defense was the reason for a poor second quarter as the Pistons allowed the Bobcats to score 38 points. Against the Atlanta Hawks on Friday, the Pistons barely hung-on for a win after an 11 point fourth quarter. There have been other games where the Pistons "blank" offensively or defensively in a quarter, an offensive "blank" third quarter in Dallas where there Pistons scored only 11 points comes to mind. The "blank" quarters are not only a sign of where this team really is, but is also one of the reasons that the Pistons are 10 games below a .500 average. 
Playing incomplete games is a sign of a young team, which is what the Pistons are right now. They're off until Friday when the Pistons will take on the Bucks in Milwaukee. The week off will be good for the team, and Lawrence Frank will most likely use it to his young team recommitted defensively. 
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