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Brandon Knight Flopped in London, Season Stats Foreshadow a Big Game to Follow

January 19th, 2013 at 12:13 PM
By Phil Fattore


Without a doubt, Thursday's loss to the New York Knicks in London, England was Brandon Knight's worst performance of the season. The second-year point guard was a non-factor. Scoring only a single point, dishing only a single assist, and grabbing only a single rebound, Lawrence Frank played Brandon Knight a season-low 18 minutes in light of his struggles. Off the bench, Will Bynum provided a much-needed boost at the point guard spot scoring 22 points, but without Knight being a factor the Pistons really didn't stand a chance. The Pistons starters have each taken turns getting out played by the bench this season, the sign of a team that perhaps is in need of a lineup shake-up. But as this season has shown, a struggling Brandon Knight one night means an aggressive "BK7" the next time out. 
Knight is averaging 13.7 points per game, including 11 games with 20 or more points. He's more of a natural scorer than he is a distributor, something that the Pistons scoring column has come to rely on from a night to night basis. Still, Knight's scoring is not as consistent as it could be. Including the most recent Knicks game, Brandon Knight has failed to reach double-digits in the scoring column 11 times this season. In those 11 games the Pistons hoist a loser friendly, 3-8 record.
The Pistons haven't played a game after their Thursday meeting with the Knicks, but in the 10 games following the previous lackluster Brandon Knight scoring efforts, only three times has the young point guard not scored double-digits. (Two of the games were within the Pistons' first four games of the season against Denver and the Los Angeles Lakers) More importantly, the Pistons have a winning 4-3 record in the games where Brandon Knight did reach double-digit scoring totals following an "off" scoring night in the previous game. 
The Pistons are on a two-game losing streak, but are still winners of seven of their last 11 games. The Boston Celtics visit the Palace on Sunday night, a team that has also lost their last two games, and an opponent who the Pistons beat 103-83 the last time they played each other. Boston is still holding onto the eighth and final playoff spot. If the Pistons want to try to push their way back into the race for the eighth spot, a second head-to-head win against the Celtics is a nice place to start. The Pistons are going to need Brandon Knight to re-assert himself on the offensive end if they want to get off their losing skid. If the stats and the season history are any indication, the Pistons should count on Knight having a strong offensive outing in Sunday's game. 
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