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Will Bynum Talks About Trade Deadline Rumors

January 23rd, 2013 at 11:00 AM
By Phil Fattore


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Pistons fans didn't need the last two games to get excited about Will Bynum. After Bynum posted back-to-back outings of 31 points against Atlanta on Dec. 26, then 25 points against Miami on Dec. 28, the reserve's latest consecutive 15-point games against Boston and Orlando are just another example of "Bynumite" at its finest. A player that was once Detroit's best kept secret, Bynum now finds himself on Sportscenter on a semi-regular basis as Andre Drummond's main alley-oop assist man. After sitting through a late-November/early-December period of "DNP Coaches Decisions," Bynum has suddenly become a trade deadline bargaining chip for the Pistons. 
The "Bynumite" secret may be out, but those worried about Bynum looking ahead to free agency or a scene change via trade need only listen to the veteran point guard's words. Bynum talked to about the upcoming trade deadline:
"Deadline for what?" Bynum said when asked about the trade deadline.  "My future's here, man.  My future's here in Detroit.  You ain't been watching?  I ain't been thinking about it.  Nothing to think about.  Nothing to think about."
It's always nice to hear players talk about their team with a certain type of "horse blinder" loyalty, but many times it's just typical PR speak. Still, there's reason to believe that Will Bynum's case is one of the exceptions.
Bynum started in the NBA with the Golden State Warriors in the 2005-2006 season. After playing only 15 games for the Warriors, Bynum spent the two season between 2006-2008 playing for Maccabi Tel Aviv of Israel before re-entering the NBA with the Pistons before the 2008-2009 season. This is Bynum's fifth season with the Pistons, and the backup point guard seems to feel a real attachment to the team due in no small part to the recognition he gets not only from the organization, but from the fans as well. Golden State may have been Bynum's first NBA stop, but the Pistons have become Bynum's NBA home.   
One of the quickest ways for any veteran to get traded out of a young locker room is for the veteran to stir a young-old divide, but Bynum appears to enjoy playing with the young pieces the Pistons currently have on the roster. In the first part of the season, Bynum voiced how he enjoyed playing with Kyle Singler on the second-unit. Now, with Singler starting at the two spot, the Bynum-to-Drummond coupling has developed into some of the best pick and roll chemistry in the league. Drummond has been impressive this season, but the rookie center has Will Bynum to thank for many of his baskets. 
That being said, just because Bynum's "Detroit only" attitude is genuine doesn't mean that he still can't get traded away. Bynum's career is representative of a player who doesn't require an enormous amount of playing time to impact the game. As many trade deadline "buyers" are teams looking to bulk-up their bench for the playoffs, a quick-impact scoring point guard has a strong level of appeal in the eyes of many GMs. The fact that Will Bynum's contract expires at the end of the season only strengthens his appeal as it makes him a low-risk, high-reward acquisition. Expect Bynum to remain in the red, white and blue this season, but don't be surprised to hear his name floating around the NBA rumor mill as the Feb. 21 trade deadline gets closer. 
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