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Sub-Par Stats Detroit Pistons Fans Should Be Aware of in 117-90 Loss to Milwaukee Bucks

January 30th, 2013 at 11:00 AM
By Phil Fattore


Brandon Jennings had 20 of his 30 points in the third quarter, including five three pointers and a back-to-back-to-back-to-back third quarter string of 4/4 three-point makes. The Pistons posted their 12th game this season with a sub-15-point quarter, scoring only 14 points to Milwaukee's 33 in the second quarter. Still worse, the Pistons allowed Milwaukee 72 points combined over the second and third quarters while scoring only 90 points in the game overall. Normally, all of those things would be enough to cause any Pistons fan to have a Jackie Chiles outburst— "Outrageous, Egregious, Preposterous!" Hold that outburst in a little longer though, there are more stats to be upset about in the Pistons' 117-90 blowout loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.
Offensive Rebounds
A look at the box score tells the story of a 21-21 tie in offensive rebounds, but that's not really the case. 11 of the Pistons' 21 offensive rebounds came during the garbage time that lasted for entire fourth quarter. Only five of Milwaukee's offensive rebounds came in the final 12 minutes. 
Milwaukee scored 39 points in the third quarter, but the blowout started in the second quarter. During Milwaukee's 33 point second quarter, they recorded 12 offensive rebounds that directly lead to 13 points. That means that Milwaukee nearly outscored the Pistons' pathetic 14-point quarter on offensive rebound layups alone. There were also two possessions in the second quarter where Milwaukee was allowed two or more offensive rebounds before the put-back layup finally went in. Milwaukee wanted to work, the Pistons didn't. 
For the game, the Pistons had 21 turnovers that lead to 29 of Milwaukee's 117 points. In the first quarter the Pistons had turned the ball over four times, but still managed to end the quarter with a 28-19 lead. Obviously, that didn't hold up and turnovers played a big part in Milwaukee's second quarter stampede. 
The Pistons committed six official turnovers in the second quarter, and had two shots blocked that resulted in Milwaukee taking possession of the ball. In this writer's mind, blocked shots that result in a change of possession are as good as steals. That takes the Pistons second quarter turnover tally to eight 'unofficial' turnovers. They doubled up on the turnovers they had in the first quarter and all of a sudden, the wheels were off the wagon.
The Pistons' sloppy play continued during Milwaukee's 39-point third quarter. The Pistons gave the ball away seven times on loose ball turnovers and bad passing, including having a shot blocked by Larry Sanders that got Milwaukee possession. That makes 16 'unofficial' turnovers between the second and third quarters. 
Okay, you can begin your outburst now. "Outrageous, Egregious, Preposterous!"
What's Next? 
The Pistons are four games behind the eighth-seeded Boston Celtics in the current Eastern Conference Playoff standings. Tonight the Pistons travel to Indiana to take on the Pacers, a team that will be looking to get off a three-game losing skid. The last time the Pistons and the Pacers got together, Indiana won 88-77 on the Palace floor. Tonight's game tips-off at 7:00 pm. 
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