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For Andre Drummond, Sensational Rookie Year not Flawless

February 4th, 2013 at 3:01 PM
By Phil Fattore


Last Friday, Pistons 101 posted an article commenting on, David Thorpe's thoughts of Andre Drummond. (read here) Thorpe praised the rookie big man, as we all are, but mentioned that Drummond has yet to develop a sense of offensive direction when it comes to the low post. In Sunday's loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, Andre Drummond scored all nine of his points in the second half and was a major reason for the Pistons' near come-from-behind win. Still, the result of the Pistons' last full shot clock possession was proof that Drummond is still in need of a little work. 
The game ended on a last ditch alley-oop inbound pass to Drummond, but the last quality possession started with 0:37 seconds left on the clock. The Pistons were down 98-97 and Drummond had just caught a lob pass from a slashing Will Bynum. With 0:06 seconds left on the shot clock, Drummond found himself on the low block in a one-on-one matchup against Pau Gasol. Drummond decided on a spinning, fade away jumper that took him outside the paint. Not the shot you want to see from your athletic, 6'10" center. 
Leading up to the fade away jumper, Drummond had been outmuscling Gasol on both the offensive and defensive boards and had even posterized Gasol on a fast break dunk. Considering that Drummond didn't make a single shot outside of the painted area all night, a strong move towards the basket would've been a better option for the big man. Problem is, Drummond doesn't yet seem to have that type of fundamental, low post move. 
When Drummond finds himself with two feet planted on the ground and the ball in his hands, he's a different player than the rookie sensation that's been seen flying through the air on Pistons highlight reels. A major reason that the Pistons were even in the game against the Lakers was because of Drummond, but if we're all going to draw comparisons between Drummond and Dwight Howard, or Drummond and Shaq then we also need to talk about why Drummond isn't there yet. Not having a low-post move is one of those reasons. It's also one of the reasons Drummond wasn't able to convert against Gasol in the game's final moments. 
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