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Jose Calderon Brings a New, Hopefully Contagious, Attitude to a Young Pistons Core

February 8th, 2013 at 12:19 PM
By Phil Fattore


For a team that’s seen double-digit leads escape them in more than 10 games this season, it’s been the consecutive empty-possessions that have stirred the semi-regular implosions. When you allow the frustration from a negative possession to linger, turnovers and hurried shot selections are sure to follow. All of sudden your opponent is in the midst of a 14-0 run, and your lead is nearly gone. The way a team responds in moments of in-game adversity often stems from the floor general, and the addition of Jose Calderon brings a consistent calm to the position that was sometimes held by growing pain panic. 
"Don't just run the play because it's a play, look with a purpose, because you could receive the pass at any time," Calderon said.
"Slow down, know where we're going with the ball," he said.  "If we make a mistake and they get a 3, OK, not two in a row.  Always not two in a row."
Many times this season, while the main action of a drawn-up offensive set has been happening, Pistons wings could be seen standing semi-ready around the perimeter. Whereas a high pick-and-roll might have only involved the screener, the guard and maybe one other option, Calderon’s style asks that the five members of the lineup are looking for the ball at all times. It’s simple enough, but when executed the way Calderon is asking, it will lead to easy buckets. 
Calderon’s attitude towards mistakes is also what makes the point guard an almost immediate, vital asset for the young Pistons. Calderon demands that players remember what caused a collapse on defense, or what caused an offensive turnover. Remember those missteps, learn from them, and don’t let those things happen again. Still, it’s difficult for young teams to adjust during the ups and downs of a scoring run. Calderon’s attitude will help calm scoring run storms, and whether it’s tangibly noticeable or not his presence will be helping the Pistons on the floor. 
The addition of Jose Calderon is not just the mark of a new class of point guard for the Pistons, but his presence might also bring about a new attitude for a young Pistons team prone to frustrated mental lapses. With the fourth best assist-to-turnover ratio in the NBA, no one doubts the value Calderon brings in terms of the plus and minus column, but it’s the point guard’s attitude to the game that makes him an elite asset for a Pistons roster full of players willing to learn. 
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