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Jose Calderon Quickly Developing Chemistry with Brandon Knight and Greg Monroe

February 11th, 2013 at 10:00 AM
By Phil Fattore
While Jose Calderon's first two games with the Pistons had their expected moments of disjointed rhythm, Calderon's past two games have showed why the 8-year veteran was a prized piece by Joe Dumars. The Pistons shocked the San Antonio Spurs on Friday, winning 119-109, and squeaked out a close game in Milwaukee on Saturday, winning 105-100 on a late-game three by Charlie Villanueva. The offense in each win had a flow that was as foreign as Calderon's roots, and the Spaniard was at the center of it all. 
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Against the Spurs, Calderon's stat line was seven points, eight assists and zero turnovers. Of Calderon's eight assists, Brandon Knight was on the scoring end of four of them. Knight had 24 points in the game and for the first time since Calderon joined the Pistons, Knight looked like an NBA-grade shooting guard. 
On Saturday night in Milwaukee, three Pistons had double-double stat lines. (Calderon 23 points, 10 assists; Monroe 14 points, 13 rebounds; Villanueva 18 points,13 rebounds). Just as he'd focused his assists on Brandon Knight against the Spurs, Calderon narrowed his distributing abilities on Greg Monroe. Of Calderon's 10 assists, Monroe was the recipient of five feeds, which resulted in 10 of Monroe's 14 points. 
While Calderon's looks are always "equal opportunity," half of his assists in the past two games have been thrown to the two cornerstones of the Pistons rebuilding effort. The chemistry that Calderon is quickly developing with Knight and Monroe is a great sign for the Pistons future. If Dumars is serious in saying that he'll be making a move to re-sign Calderon in the offseason, then the chemistry that Calderon, Knight and Monroe have all developed with each should only grow support for a re-signing. 
As Calderon's ability to play alongside Knight, Monroe and a healthy Drummod is key to the Pistons getting out of their rebuilding ways, we at Pistons 101 be popping back in from time to time with updates on how the group is doing. Regardless of the record at season's end, the season won't be a throwaway if the Pistons are able to figure out that they can move forward with Calderon at the one, Knight at the two, Monroe at the four, and Drummond at the five. If the only "heavy" need in the Pistons offseason is an athletic three, then they'll have made a huge step forward from where they were at the start of the season. 
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